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What Others Are Saying...



...I like the way the meetings were set up.   The leaders that taught were effective.   I am looking forward to the next sessions. I enjoyed the spiritual bootcamp training and felt it was very effective in demonstrating the importance of transformation through the practice of God's principles. I found the session on Christian ethics valuable in that it is how we are to live and to hear it is part of what is required by law, Amen!  (M. Simmons) 

...the facility and atmosphere were very welcoming.  Valuable information was given and the way it was set up made it easy to participate.  The materials given to the participants were a critical tool for the awareness of just how much the community would gain from the information and knowledge presented.  (M. Swackard)

The day was well planned.  We felt extremely welcomed and the speakers were accessible for questions. They were transparent with their stories of where they were and where God has brought them.  I could relate on many levels.  I really appreciated the legalities portion of the program.  I was not aware of the credentials that are needed.  I'm looking forward to the certification. (A. Nail)

...I liked the set up around the tables, more fellowship and sharing.  The testimonies of each woman who shared were very powerful and moving. I could feel a measure of their brokenness from the lies they believed as children.  This created a greated compassion within me to understand the terrible depths of brokeness that so many people have, but also brought the hope of the power of the love and salvation of Jesus into the picture!  Weaving the testimony in with the teaching helps to better teach how and when to apply the tools that are needed. I'm thankful I attended.  (C. Greene)