There are two training locations-Go to north or south for schedule and registration


Certification Requirements

General Information on BCA Certification

The certification process begins with a forty-eight hour course.  The course is separated into four training modules, each being twelve hours in length.  Although the modules are designed to build upon each other, a person may start or end at any one.  Hours  will be certified for each.  These modules currently are held in south Georgia on Saturdays and in north Georgia on Thursday through Saturday.   Schedules for both locations are at the bottom of this page.  Each module consists of  workshops and interactive exercises. You will learn how to establish your business, how to make it a legal entity, coaching practices, ethics, recovery coaching, addiction/recovery tools, inner healing and relationship tools, and marketing.  You may become certified in either location as long as the forty-eight hour curriculum is completed.



First, we want to take a moment to  say thank you for the honor of allowing BCA to help you reach your goals in becoming a certified life coach.  In our first year  we certified almost thirty  coaches.  They can now take what they have learned and begin to  help others in their individual life-coaching practices.   It has been a  wonderful experience  to see people eager to learn how to help others overcome in areas they themselves had previously struggled in.  God has touched and will touch many lives because of the willingness of others to not only hear His words but to act on them.  

Training Information For South Georgia

 The schedule of face-to-face interaction will be filled with interactive learning opportunities.  South Georgia specializes in areas of coaching that relate to recovery. Recovery is  defined as any area of life that has been broken and needs to be redeemed.  Addiction recovery is  especially essential now. In Georgia alone from June of 2016 to May of 2017 the total number of opiod doses prescribed to Georgians surpassed 541 million. ( Opiod Abuse)  In 2017 there were 1,014 overdose deaths involving opiods in Georgia. (Georgia Opiod Summary National Institute  on drug abuse (NIDA)  Women and men suffering from the disease of addiction have special coaching needs.  These include relationship healing, boundaries, identity issues, life skills, dealing with trauma and more. 


What to Expect

Coaches will leave the certification with their own growth and recovery.  They will experience the same coaching they will be offering their clients. 

The  interactive training will be experiential in nature and healing and growth will take place.  It is essential for the coaches to know how it feels to be in the client's chair.  The coaches will learn about empathy and compassion.  They will share this training with clients and teach them to replace negative behaviors such as co-dependency with positive ones.

The coaches will learn boundaries for their own lives, develop positive self-regard and be able to identify trauma and learn the coping skills necessary to move forward. 

Who Can Sign Up?

Men and women of all ages and backgrounds  who want to experience personal growth are welcome.  Many potential coaches are people who have life experience with addiction, trauma,  low self esteem, and other relevant life issues. This certification course is more than just another forty-eight hours of dry material to cover;  It is life giving and life changing. 


Coaches will learn specific skills to coach people from one level of change to another. They will learn the stages of change and the process of change as  experienced throughout the therapeutic communities of recovery, trauma and spiritual growth. 

Combining these three areas of coaching will offer a toolbox of skills to pass on to clients. 

The modules are scheduled on one Saturday every other month for students to have time to watch the additional videos and to complete the homework assignments. 

Modules will be available for those who cannot travel via Skype or Facebook Live.

It is required that at least one module be attended to get the true feel of the program.

Call 912-283-8580 for more information


In the north Georgia location, specialized training is being offered in inner healing and relationship coaching as well as general coaching practices.  This training is also scheduled to make the process of certification quicker.  In the north location, training will be held once  a month for four months.  It is

 an intensive curriculum, but one both locations are excited about.  

Levels of Certification and Registration Information

BCA Membership


New Member and Annual Renewal

The BCA membership is required if you are registering for certification with Bethesda Coaches Association.  The membership fee includes:  

  •  Background check fee to confirm no criminal activity (no credit checks)
  •  Access to our Coaches Resources file which includes templates of:  BCA logos, applications for clients, informed consent and liability releases, articles and downloads for your coaching practice, various toolkits to set up your practice, etc.  

 BCA membership is paid annually  

Renewal Membership for Current BCA Certified Coaches (all levels)

Click on the button above to renew your membership. 

BCA Professional Level


 Professional Level Certification

  • Forty contract hours of supervised training, with at least eight independent study hours. You will register for each module at specific intervals
  • Background check (showing no violent offenses or sexual offenses)
  • Completed BCA membership application with membership fee of $99
  • Fee for the training module you are registering for ($250.00 per module)
  • Eight hours of personal life coaching with certified coaches (this option is completed within the scope of experientials and breakout sessions per module)
  • Membership in the BCA organization
  • Four hours continuing education per year after initial certification  

BCA Master Level


 Master Level

  • Prerequisite for Master Level certification is completion of the BCA Professional Level certification requirements
  • Twelve hours designated training (within the BCA training or outside as long as documentation of training is  sent to BCA)  in a specialized field (recovery, inner healing, parenting, addiction, family, children, trauma, etc.)  
  • Current professional level BCA coaches will qualify for master status by registering for a module training (or individual segments of modules) to complete the twelve hour unit of continuing education

Continuing Education Professional Level Certification


With your first year of training behind you, it's time to look at continuing the commitment to be the best coach for yourself and those in your sphere of influence.  Wisdom is a powerful tool and is sharpened by strengthening  skills, whether spiritual, mental, or physical.  

With the BCA certification process, we always want to be sure you are up to BCA standards with four hours of continuing education units each year.  A training schedule is at the bottom of this page. After choosing the BCA training you would like to attend, click on the link to register.

Continuing Education Master Level Certification


 You have completed the first step to a new journey.  You completed one year of certification training.  What a great accomplishment!  By now you are probably wondering how to become even more effective in how to serve and love people  in your practice, whether  you are a life coach, lay person, pastor, counselor, etc.  If you are looking to focus on specific area(s) of training and growth for your life coaching practice, please look at the schedules of module training this year and complete the registration designed for your particular focus of specialty.  The cost for the twelve hour continuing education unit is $200.00.  You only need to register once.  You may see one particular module training that interests you.  If there are segments within each module training you would like to attend to receive your unit credits  of twelve hours you are allowed to do so. Please note:  Status of Master Certification with BCA is an annual commitment.

The training schedule  is at the bottom of this page.


BCA Membership

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Renewal membership for current BCA certified coaches (all levels)

membership paperwork will be completed at your first training


Professional Level Module for Continuing Education

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

 Use this button if you are registering for one of these two items:  One of four module training segments (when you click on the PayPal button you will be asked to enter a price-enter $250.00),  or for continuing education credit of four hours within a module (when you click on the button you will be asked to enter a price-enter $75.00).

 When payment is completed you will receive a receipt from Bethesda Coaches Association via PayPal.  BCA will also receive notification of your registration.  Each BCA location will have the documentation you will need to complete registration when you arrive.  When registration is received, BCA will guarantee space availability by listing you on the class roster. 


Continuing Education Master Level

Master Level - Twelve unit hours

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card


Continuing Education - Master Level: You are registering for a twelve hour segment teaching within the module training segments.   When payment is completed, you will receive a receipt from Bethesda Coaches Association via PayPal.   BCA will also receive notification of your registration.  On the day of training you will complete the Module Registration Form which BCA will have for you and which will confirm your continuing education hours and will be filed with BCA.

2020 Training Schedule Coming Soon...below are some of the 2


BCA-South Georgia Location - My Beloved Church - 105 East Washington Avenue, Waycross Ga 31503

Module 4 

Restoration to Community

Sept 14


Sept 15  1 p.m.


BCA - North Georgia Location - Riverstone Church - 2005 Stilesboro Road, Kennesaw, GA 30152

                    Module One 

Restoration to God -  Reality, Authority, Truth

                   March 14:  6:00 – 9:00 

                   March 15:  6:00 – 9:00 

                   March 16:  9:00 – 1:00 

Introduction to BCA Coaching

Developing A Kingdom Business

    Principles of BCA

    BCA Code of Ethics

Life Coaching 101 - Defining the Roles, Accomplishing Goals

Inner Healing as a Specialty

Building Blocks of Relationship

In Touch - Thoughts and Beliefs

                  Module Two 

Restoration to Self - Trust, Empowerment, Freedom  

                  April 11:  6:00 – 9:00 

                  April 12:  6:00 – 9:00 

                  April 13:  9:00 – 1:00 

Trust and Relationship Building 

Gaining power-Helping Your Clients Own Their Goals 

Identifying the Orphan Mindset 

Loss and Offense:  How They Hinder

Awakening the Slumbering Spirit

In Touch - Trauma - Feelings and Choice


                   Module Three 

Restoration to Others-Future, Relationship, New Harvest

                   May 16:  6:00 – 9:00 

                   May 17:  6:00 – 9:00 

                    May 18:  9:00 – 1:00  

Boundaries: The Coach/Client Relationship

Pride-Identifying it Within Your Practice

How Love and Fear Define Your Client's Accomplishments

In Touch - Empowerment, Renewing the Mind

                   Module Four 

Restoration to Community - Belonging and Joy

                   June 20:  6:00 – 9:00 

                   June 21:  6:00 – 9:00 

                   June 22:  9:00 – 3:00 

Being Grateful=Being Great

Forgiveness and Judgments

New Goals - New You

NOTE:   The additional two hours for each module will include participants completing the manual and homework assignments.  These items will be confirmed completed by the training team at the onset of the next module training.  This individual study will be approximately two hours of study for each module  

  *Please Note:  Each Module Training can be edited due to Trainer's/Guest Speakers schedules.