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Life Coach Certification Program


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Life Coach Certification Program

About Bethesda Coaches Association



Bethesda Coaches Association (BCA) provides training for coaches, pastors, and lay people to assist those seeking Christian recovery for some of life's toughest issues.  The BCA coaching program is designed to help you develop the core skills needed for life coaching individuals and groups, combining spiritual healing tools with practical day-to-day recovery principles. Our goal is to provide you with the education needed to reach your goals. We believe this will deepen your personal growth, expand your capacity as a coach, and provide you with new resources and fresh perspectives in your sphere of developing people.   



As professionally trained and experienced life coaches, ministers, teachers, and/or certified addiction counselors, our training team has the tools to help you to create the life you imagine and gain a renewed sense of self.  We can help you change your perception of life so that it is filled with vitality and enthusiasm.  Whether you are a life coach seeking further education or new to coaching, we are here to help you find your niche and develop your brand.




Committing to a healthier more fulfilling lifestyle is just that – a commitment, and it’s a big one that will take a lot a dedication.  We believe it is worth it, and will encourage you to know the desires of your heart, set goals accordingly, and reach your full potential.  We will provide you with new perspectives and techniques, as well as accountability, empathy, and support for lasting growth.  With extensive experience in life coaching, recovery, addiction, leadership and spiritual healing, this program is set apart to deal with the whole person: spirit, soul and body.


What Makes Bethesda Coaches Association Stand Apart?


The Idea

Founded in 2015 by Rev. Cathy Sweat and Rev. Sharleen Turley, this coaching program intergrates the spiritual healing aspect along with practical day-to-day recovery principles.  The trainers of Bethesda Coaches Association have over 50 years combined of restoring people to newness of life.  Our team recognizes and understands that simply giving clients a to-do list is not the only thing needed for a different tomorrow.  Many have tried that approach and failed to make real and lasting change.  Real transformation is needed.  And to accomplish real transformation, Bethesda Coaches Association approaches this training as a growth model of the whole person: Spirit, Soul and Body.

Coaching and counseling are different in their approach.  Coaching looks to the future, counseling looks at the past.  We have counselors, pastors and life coaches on our training team.  We understand that sometimes the past can hinder true sustaining growth in individuals. With our extensive training courses for coaches, we equip coaches with essential truth tools so the yesterdays of the past will remain in the past.  Applying the principles gained from Bethesda Coaches Association allows coaches to effectuate true growth with individuals, thereby living a life of fulfillment. 


The Reality

Through many years of developing and equipping people for a life well lived, Cathy and Sharleen recognized many people had failed in their coaching experience because the coach was not educated in recovering what was lost in the individual. Without recovering the lost or stolen pieces of the puzzle, the puzzle (or person) is not whole.  That's where life coach training is essential.


After relecting on this, they created a life-giving solution:  Since 2015, they have been implementing training courses and writing materials for this certification course.  With a team of professionals experienced in the life skills needed for individuals to live a fulfilling life, Bethesda Coaches Association will provide life coach certification training in early 2018 with a completed training manual and participants’ guide. The 48-hour certificate course will provide training for coaches, pastors, and lay people to assist those seeking Christian recovery for some of life’s toughest issues.  If this speaks to you and you wonder how to become a life coach, please scroll through this site and contact us.

BCA formed as a result of the need for Christian support in recovery for men and women suffering from depression, anxiety, divorce, grief, and addiction. 

What we offer:

Join the organization:


  • We offer excellent training opportunities carried out by Saints in Training, our educational branch;
  • Excellent materials and resources to grow your business or ministry;
  • Quarterly newsletter and blog with ideas and more resources for coaches;
  • A coaching appointment once a quarter with one of our master coaches;
  • After the required 48-hour certification and /or master's accreditation, a Bethesda Coaches Association Certificate to display in your office, home or church;
  • Information packet on starting a ministry in your church or your business; and
  • Recovery Coaching Certification.

For Your Information:


  •  Life Coaches are not required to be certified to coach in the State of Georgia; 
  • Bethesda Life Coaches have certified life coaches, certified by the Board of Christian Life Coaches and the American Association of Christian Counselors;
  • We offer daily classes at the main Waycross location, and weekly classes in Kennesaw, GA, with specific topics to increase your natural gift or learned abilities; and 
  • Bethesda Coaches Association is an umbrella for you to work under for accountability and reliability.

Are you ready?


You will only coach your clients to finish as you have finished your own goals in life.  Let's get started!

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